Audrey Lane Farm

Terms and Conditions of Deposit and Sale



Puppies are $1500. Buyer agrees to pay a deposit of $750 to reserve a puppy.  The balance of $750 must be received in order to pick up the puppy.  Deposits may be made by Paypal or check, however the puppy won't be reserved until the check has cleared.  Final payment must be made by Paypal prior to pickup or in cash at pickup.  If we are unable to provide the depositor with a puppy from the litter and they opt not to wait for the next litter, we will refund the buyer's deposit in full.  If a depositor chooses to cancel their reservation of a puppy, they will forfeit their deposit. All puppies are sold with a LIMITED REGISTRATION. We reserve the right to retain a puppy from a litter if we choose to do so. 

Puppies will be chosen in order of deposits received.  Puppies are chosen from a set of photos provided with the birth announcement rather than picking them out in person.  We have found this necessary over the years as visits to the nursery by strangers created a stressful environment for the mothers.  Because appearances will change and personalities are yet to develop, we find this to be best.  Around the 4th week, we have an open house for the families to come and visit their puppies.

Seller agrees that the puppy will be properly cared for and vaccinated and wormed prior to transfer.  Puppy is guaranteed free of disease or sickness for 72 hours after transfer and guaranteed against life threatening genetic disease for 2 years.  This guarantee only pertains to original buyer.  Puppy must be kept in good weight condition and kept up to date on vaccinations as well as seen at least yearly by a licensed veterinarian.   Seller is not responsible for veterinary care given to puppy once buyer takes possession of puppy.  Should a medical condition become known, seller reserves the right to have the puppy examined by her own veterinarian at her cost.  At no time will money be refunded.  Seller agrees to replace said puppy with the next available puppy should such a problem arise.